Kill Dick Control 7"

by Last Chaos

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released June 16, 2012

Recorded by Geordie Stafford at Tym Guitars.
Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door.

Released on Nuclear Blood, Hardcore Victim and Flower of Carnage Records.



all rights reserved


Last Chaos Brisbane, Australia

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Track Name: Spitback
They said to him it's not your right to be free.
Fuck you, I'm not getting down on my knees.

He took their fucking abuse
And spat it back in their face.

Now he's dead.

These pigs are a complete fucking disgrace
Doing as they fucking well please.
Track Name: Blind
You're down on the ground.
There's death all around.

You fight but you'll never be free.

Say, you can see
But you, you don't believe, believe.

How much blood does it take
For your blindness to recede?
Track Name: Faceripper
We'll rip your fucking face off
Then let's see you tell fucking lies.

Burning suits beg on bended knees.
Their need fuels this disease.

These dogs have nowhere to run to.
Their disease is their final demise.

We shelter behind battered line
Waiting for the time of their demise.
Track Name: Kill Dick Control
Woman kill man
Before man kill you.

Kill Dick Control.